Mosaic Glacier Grey Panels Installed In A Shower Cubicle

There is always a decision to be made when your bathroom refurbishment – cover the whole of the room in the same design or opt to highlight certain areas of the room with a contrasting style.

In this instance the customer chose to limit the use of our panels to the inside of their shower cubicle. This is fine but by limiting the use of panels you are also limiting he amount of maintenance-free surfaces that you will have in the room – so in the long term you will have a bit more work to do!

Mosaic is quite often used in this fashion – just installed as a shower wall panel and then another option used to finish the rest of the room.

The finished result in this room is very pleasing and gives a very neat, bright contemporary feel to the design.


Can Any Panels Be Used In Showers?

All of our panels are suitable for use in showers. They are all 100% waterproof and will do the job perfectly. All of the panels have a tongue and groove running down the edges (even our metre wide panels) so they can be slotted together to make up whatever size you need to cover the wall.

If you would prefer not to have joints inside the cubicle we have wider shower panels that are 1 metre in width. For the majority of shower cubicles this enables a whole wall to be covered with one sheet. If you have a cubicle larger than this then you employ the tongue and groove system built in to each panel and slot them into each other.