Moderna Bathroom Ceiling Panels

If you are looking to make a feature of your ceiling then Moderna bathroom ceiling panels are good place to start.

The silver highlight strips that are built in to our Moderna panels are ideal as they really enhance the look and provide visual interest to an area that would otherwise be a big slab of white.

In this installation the customer has tiled the walls of their shower room but has opted to use our panels on the ceiling – and the result in quite stunning.

The ceiling over showers can be a problem as deflected spray and splashes will always find their way out of the cubicle. Painted ceiling can get damaged by the moisture and can start to deteriorate but there are no such problems with Morderna ceiling panels. Made from PVC they are totally unaffected by moisture and can even be used on the walls inside the shower enclosure. Ceiling panels will provide years of hassle-free service and will look good without the need for any maintenance.

Are The Panels Easy To Install On A Ceiling?

The short answer is yes.

You simply measure, cut and then stick in place. It is advisable on ceilings to use a staple gun to hold the panels in place while the adhesive is setting. You staple through the tongue so that it is hidden from view when the next panel is slotted into place.

In a small bathroom, such as the one in the photo, you can do this as a one man job. If you have a large bathroom and you have selected one of our long ceiling panels then an extra pair of hands makes the process easier.

If you are worried that your cutting is not accurate enough you can always use a trim to cover up the cut edge. This will also allow you more leeway with your cutting.