Customer Gallery – Neptune Gloss White Shower Panels

Mr Lozano was refurbishing the shower in his property and wanted a white finish for either end of his cubicle to contrast against the tiled back wall that was being installed. He opted for our Neptune Gloss White Shower Panels as these were large enough to cover the whole of then end wall without the need for a join (these panels are 1000mm wide).

Our panels work well in conjunction with tiles, as can be seen in the photograph, but by choosing to use some tiles it means that there will inevitably be some maintenance to carry out down the line as grout has a bad reputation when it comes to keeping it clean and pristine.

The panels run out beyond the shower area which means that the screen has been attached on top of the panelling. This is not a major issue although it seems to be an area of concern with many customers. Unless you are fitting something load bearing then most items can be installed over the panels with no issue whatsoever. Items such as grab rails might need some form of spacer used in conjunction with the fixings to ensure the panels are not crushed when tightening the screws. We have plenty of information on this in our installation section.

Are There Any Problems Using Panels And Tiles Together?

Not really. The main problem is that you still have tiles and the all of the associated issues that come with their use.

In showers, the big issue that we come across all of the time, is leaks. It does not make any difference how well you install you shower tray, the slightest bit of movement in it will cause grout to crack. This leads to water getting behind the tiles. If there is a plaster-board backing this starts sucking water through and the problem will grow.

All of our Shower Panels are 100% waterproof and will not leak.

At the time of installation we did not have a product that this customer could use but now we have panel (Modern Decor) that offers a similar look to the tiles shown in the photo above.

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