black marble bathroom cladding




Black Marble Bathroom Cladding

Our customer Mr Whittle used our Vicenza black marble bathroom cladding for a complete makeover of his bathroom.

As you can see the room was in need of updating and was completely transformed using our cladding.

After Some Help And Advice?

We love it when we can help our customers come up with solutions for their bathroom problems. After all we specialise in problem solving products so we usually have the answers!

He wanted to use Vicenza black marble bathroom cladding but was concerned that it might make the room too dark if used right around the room. After some discussion we came upon a solution we would opt for one wall being clad in plain white – kind of reverse feature wall.

It is possible to just plaster the one wall and paint it white but of course this involves a lot of mess (and expense) and would leave you with a wall that will need to be repainted in future years. By cladding this wall it means the whole room will be maintenance-free.

black and white bathroom cladding

“As promised photos of before and after.
It looks absolutely brilliant.
Panels we’re easy to put up over tiles.
Thanks for all your help and advice.


Dave Whittle”

Bathroom Cladding Installed Straight Over The Existing Tiles

As can be seen in the first photo above the existing wall had been tiled. The options in this situation are to remove the tiles, scrape off any tile adhesive and then re-tile. That is if the tiles come off  smoothly. If they don’t, then you could be looking at hacking off the plaster and re-plastering the affected walls.


You can fit our cladding right over the lot, as our customer has done, avoiding hassle, mess, dust, time and costs.

You can see that the underlying walls do not have to be a work of art. Unlike tiles, bathroom cladding will cover small irregularities without any issue.