Vicenza Blue Marble Panels In A Shower Bath


Many British bathroom are just not big enough to house both a shower cubicle and  bath. As a consequence the shower-bath has proven to be a huge success. It provides a generous showering area but still gives you the option of a nice’ long, luxury soak when you need one! Shower baths bulge out out at the shower or tap end increasing elbow room and making it feel roomier. The model shown in the photo is a straight design although there are many designs available that employ a curved design.

A problem that we come across regularly with curved shower baths is that the bath panel breaks. They tend to be a little bulbous so protrude past the edge of the bath. They flex when touched and this flexing leads to cracking. The straight edge design of this shower-bath does not protrude so there is less of an issue.

And when it comes to covering the walls above this innovation, people are more and more looking towards a modern wall covering rather than tiles. All of the panels that we sell are suitable for use as a shower wall panel and Vicenza Blue Marble is no exception.

Before And After

Our customer, Mr Millard, has provided us with some before and after shots of his installation and it soon becomes apparent how easy it is to totally transform your room using our panel systems.

The bathroom has been plastered which is not really necessary with our panels as they will go up over anything. But it does give a nice, smooth surface to fit them onto.  Plasterboard is a favourite as this can be put up quickly and does not need to be skimmed. There is no need to resort to tile backing boards which are more expensive. Sticking is the preferred installation method in this situation but you could use a mechanical fixing if required.