Orion Slate Wall Panels In A Shower Bath

This is a relatively new panel to our range and has proven to be extremely popular with our customers since it came out. The slate wall panel closely emulates this beautiful natural occurring natural stone and is striking in its appearance.

The panel has recently been re-designed and is now available in a 600mm wide section. These are still tongue and grooved to enable them to be slotted together. They are a bit easier to manoeuvre into place if you are installing them in an existing shower cubicle. This can be a tricky proposition with metre-wide panels. In this situation it is usually easier to take the enclosure down, fit the panels and then re-fit the cubicle.

The 600 size means there re less joints that would be the case with our 250mm wide panels. This is important to a section of our customers but in all honesty it does not really make that much difference in practical terms. All of our panels are waterproof (providing they are installed and sealed correctly)

Use As A Feature Wall

The Orion  slate effect panel is a dark and dramatic design that is perfect for a feature wall in the bathroom.

In this case our customer, Mrs Whitmore, used it exclusively in the shower bath area opting for a white finish around the rest of the room. This is a great idea in a small room as using dark panels all the way around would make it feel more closed in. You get the benefit of Orion Slate’s striking design without making the room look too dark.

She also used our Ultra White panels on her bathroom ceiling into which was fitted a special hidden mood lighting system. White ceilings also help in the battle to keep small rooms looking good. And a gloss white panel such as Labo a the most reflective option that we have.

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