Gallery 13

beige mosaic shower panels


This photo was supplied by one of our customers who had decided to use our beige mosaic shower panels for their cubicle.

We gets lots of calls from customers who need a product to re-decorate their shower. Tiles are great when first installed but many customers find that over time they start to become problematic. It starts with the grout. First, it starts to loose its “whiteness” and looks permanently grubby. It doesn’t matter what they do it requires constant attention to make it look even remotely clean. The next stage is it starting to develop mould spots.

Mouldy Grout Is Not A Cleanliness Issue

That’s right, this is not a cleanliness issue. Cleaning the grout will not help – in fact it might actually make it worse because it is moisture that causes the problem. The reason for this is that grout is porous.

It amazes us that people still use standard grout in their showers when there are advanced epoxy formulations on the market that do not suffer the same problems. The main reason they are not used is that they are much more expensive. They are also not as easy to apply.

Panels To The Rescue!

The good news for those suffering with this problems is that there is a simple solution to the problem. By installing shower wall panels over the existing tiles you will eliminate mould forever. Mosaic effect shower panels are a popular choice as they are distinctive and easy on the eye.

If these beige mosaic shower panels were actual mosaics then there would be masses of grout. The panels have no grout at all.