Decorative Cladding

decorative cladding


Decorative cladding is available in some extremely attractive finishes that will transform any room it is used in.

The panels have a range of applications and can be used as wall cladding or on ceilings. They are easy to install and once fitted will require no maintenance, so they look good for years and years.



If you are looking to decorate your bathroom or shower room then you are faced with a wide range of possible choices. You could tile the walls, tile some of the walls, paint the walls or even use wallpaper. All of these can help you achieve the decorative effect you require but most have their downsides for use in bathrooms as they can all be adversely affected by the humid, steamy conditions.

Sparkle Effect Bathroom Cldding

This is a new addition to the market and is proving to be a real winner. Sparkle effect cladding will certainly add visual interest to any bathroom. The metallic flakes used in design certainly catch the eye. Black sparkle and white sparkle are here to stay as customers look to install a little glamour in their homes.

Sparkle Effect Bathroom Cladding

Marble Effect Bathroom Cladding

The most popular decorative effect in our bathroom cladding range, we have many choices of marble available in a wide variety of colours and intensity from the pale and subtle to the dark and dramatic. Ideal for use in bathrooms, showers or kitchens

Marble Effect Bathroom Cladding

Tile Effect Decorative Cladding

The only real drawback of tile effect decorative cladding is the limited choices available. The look of tiles without any of the all-too-common problems associated with grout turning mouldy. These panels have been extremely popular so hopefully the manufacturers will expand the range of option.

Tile Effect Bathroom Cladding

Mosaic Effect Bathroom Cladding

The more grout you have the more headaches you have in the long run. Mosaic tiles are extremely popular for the decorative effects that can be obtained but they need proportionately more grout than other tiles as each tile is so small. Our mosaic cladding is the ideal solution as they use no grout in their construction at all.

Mosaic Effect Bathroom Cladding

Wood Effect Bathroom Cladding

Wood does not react well to wet conditions and can prove to be problematic when used in bathrooms. The moisture levels can cause it it to split or crack and can even start to rot in certain circumstances. Our wood effect decorative cladding looks like wood but is made from plastic so you have none of these associated problems that can occur with timber.

Wood Effect Bathroom Cladding


As you can see the choice of designs is wide and varied. It is also possible to combine different patterns in different areas of the room which gives you even more scope to let your imagination run wild.

Whatever you decide on, you can be sure bathroom cladding will give you years and years of trouble free service.