Cladding Over Tiles

cover bath wall


Our Bath Wall Lining Kit contains enough panels to cover the side wall and end wall around a standard bath and is

available online for just £89.99*




JUST THINK – for under £90 you will eradicate the problems you have with your grout PERMANENTLY


Have a look at our full range and maybe order some samples to view the panels at close and see how easy they are to work with:





bathroom cladding range


Fitting our panels over existing tiles is simplicity itself. Just ensure the tiles are clean, dry and free of any soap residue.

It is then a case of measuring, cutting and sticking the panels in place. They are tongue and grooved so they just slot together.

Here is an example from one of our customers – you can see for yourself how easy it is:

bathroom grout before

bathroom wall panels after

Its as easy as that!

And once it is fitted you can forget about it. No scrubbing, no bleach, no mould – just a smooth, wipe-over surface that looks good for years.






Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need specialist tools?  No. The panels are very easy to cut with a standard handsaw or tenon saw.

Is it expensive? No. The panels for a typical installation around 2 sides of a bath can cost less than £100*

Is this a new idea? No. It is tried and tested – we have been selling this for 20 years.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who used to be in exactly the same position as you.

You can see for yourself the amazing transformations they have undertaken in our Customer Gallery and hear what they have to say about our panels in our Testimonials section.



* carriage £19.99 extra but this is refunded in full when you join our customer gallery