Cladding Around A Vanity Unit

This photo was supplied by one of our customers who undertook a complete refurbishment of their bathroom using our cladding. The job entailed cladding around a vanity unit as part of the makeover.

Our customer opted for a neutral colour scheme and chose our Orion Carrara panels. These are a grey marble design with a slightly darker feel than a lot of the other grey marbles in our range (and there are a few!). When working with greys it is important to choose any highlighting colours, for towels, blinds etc. carefully. If you leave everything white or black it can look a bit uninteresting, while certain colours just do not work with grey (beige’s browns, creams). Bright colours like lime green, red or purple work fine. With blues you again need to be careful because not all blue colours will work.

We get asked quite often about the order in which a bathroom refurbishment should be tackled. Usually we would say bath or shower tray first, then the cladding, and then the basin and toilet. If, however, you are fitting a vanity unit like this customer, you need to install this first, before fitting the panels. Two reasons – firstly, the units needs to be attached to a solid wall (remember the panels are decorative, not structural). Secondly, you will save money as there is no point fitting units over the panels when they will not be seen. So it is cheaper cladding around a vanity unit rather than behind.

Cladding Around The Rest Of The Room

Here are a few more photos from he same installation – as you can see the room needs to finished off with with accessories etc to give the room a bit of a lift. These photos were taken straight after the main installation was completed. You can see the cladding is run down onto the top of the bath surface and sealed. Beware of using cheap silicone sealant for this job as it does not last. Cheap silicone does not bond as well and will come away from the surface leeting water through. It is also more susceptible to mould growth.

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