Chrome Strip Ceiling Panels

If you are looking to make a feature of your ceiling then our chrome strip ceiling panels fit the bill perfectly.

We have two ways of achieving this look:

  • using separate chrome strips (sometimes referred to as highlight or infill strips) that clip on to the edge of the panels
  • opting for our White Chrome panels which have the strip already “built in”

Whichever option you take they will both provide an incredibly long-lasting, attractive finish. They are simplicity itself to install and make life much easier for you. Nothing to paint, nothing to varnish, no mould and no condensation.

Blanca White Bathroom Panels

Blanca matt white ceiling with chrome infills

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Gold Infill trim For Ceiling Panels

Labo gloss white panel with gold highlight strip

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Silver Infill Strip For Ceiling Panels

Labo gloss white panel with chrome infill strip
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Labo Gloss White Ceiling Panels With Chrome Infill Strips

Labo Ceiling Panels With Chrome Infill Strip

Our Labo panels are one of our best sellers and are extremely popular with our customers. They can be installed on their own to provide a plain white ceiling or with a clip on infill strip. The strips are available in a chrome or gold effect finishes and simply clip around the edge of the panel as it is being installed. The infill strips can also be used when fitting the panels to walls but they are not suitable for use inside the wet areas of a bathroom – so not above a bath or inside a shower cubicle. The panels themselves are available in 3 different lengths and 2 shades of white.

Blanca Matt White Ceiling Panels With Infill Strips

Blanca Ceiling Panels With Chrome Infill Strip

Those who prefer a matt finish for their ceiling are also catered for within our range. Blanca panels are available in two shades of white and several lengths to enable them to be installed on larger ceilings. They use the same infills strips as Labo so there is a choice of chrome or gold effect. The matt finish provides a nice contrast with the shiny surface of the infill strips.

Vicenza Chrome White Ceiling Panels

White Chrome – Built-In Strip

These are a new addition to our range and are already proving to be a hit. With these panels, the highlight strip is built into the panel so there is no separate trim. The panels have a v-groove appearance and each panel is made to look like 2 individual planks. They are also incredibly good value for money making them one of the best chrome strip ceiling panels on the market in our opinion.