The Celupanel range has now been superseded by Vicenza Panels

beige 3 - Celupanel

As you can see from the following photos the range is very comprehensive. A wide range of colours and finishes are available – many of them similar to design to the Celupanel range.

vicenza black sparkle cladding - Celupanel
vicenza grey marble cladding - Celupanel
vicenza white sparkle800 - Celupanel

Or sparkle effect panels are perfect for adding a bit of glitz to you bathroom. We have black sparkle, white sparkle or you could combine the two, either making a feature wall or mixing the colours on the same wall.

Marble panels are always popular. We have many options for you here. If you want a definite bit of colour in your bathroom then our Pergamon is ideal. Mostly beige but with a bit of grey running through the veins it is warm and attractive. Our grey, beige and blue marble effect are subtle and light, perfect for the smaller bathroom.

vicenza grey bathroom - Celupanel
vicenza ultra white ceiling - Celupanel
vicenza pergamon cladding - Celupanel

Our plain white panels are perfect for use on walls or ceilings. They are regularly used inside shower cubicles when customers are looking to freshen up their bathroom. Showers with leaking tiles can also be cured by fitting these panels over the offending tiles. And being white they are also perfect for use on bathroom ceilings.

Matt white is the preferred option for ceilings but this is not a hard and fast rule. Gloss white works just as well and is slightly easier to clean – but this is more or less irrelevant on a ceiling.