Budget Bathroom Cladding

Here at The Bathroom Marquee we appreciate that customers need to keep a tight control on their budget when undertaking a bathroom makeover. But we also know that there are many “cheap and nasty” panels coming on to the market that we would not be happy selling to our customers. Our budget bathroom cladding is the perfect choice for those looking for panels that are relatively cheap – but even at this price level




Vicenza grey marble budget bathroom cladding

black marble budget bathroom cladding

Vicenza beige marble budget bathroom cladding

The above are just a few examples of our budget bathroom cladding. As you can see the results are stunning even using products from the cheaper end of the spectrum. For a more detailed look –



The Bathroom Marquee has spent a long time building our reputation and would not jeopardise this by selling inferior quality products. Visit our testimonials page to see exactly what our customers think and see their results for yourself in our customer gallery. We would have no hesitation in recommending ANY bathroom cladding that we sell, including all of those in our budget range.

We specialise in bathroom cladding that represents the best possible value for money and all of our products are covered by our price guarantee. If you still unsure as to what exactly this modern alternative to tiles is see our bathroom cladding explained pages for more information.

How Much Do You Plan To Spend on Budget Bathroom Cladding?

Let us know roughly what kind of budget you are working to and we can advise the best value products to meet your requirement – essentially working backwards from your planned spend. There are a few tips and tricks to reduce the overall cost. Keeping the use of trims to a minimum, is one example, which all helps ensure that the final job comes in on price.