Before And After – Shower Cubicle Installation

We love to see what our customers get up to with their bathroom refurbishments. Working with our bathroom cladding products ensures that some pretty radical transformation take place. But these are achieved without too much hassle. Our panels are simplicity itself when it comes to installation.  So this shower cubicle installation becomes a straightforward task.

The results speak for themselves.

Before And After

In this bathroom the customer opted for big changes. They decided to remove their bath completely and replace it with a walk-in shower. Many people are taking up this option as they just do not use their bath that often. There are some downsides to doing this – we have an article with all of the pros and cons here.

The old bathroom was tiled. But the  tiling had been completed in two stages by the look of it. There is a distinct line half way up the wall. When fitting bathroom cladding you can remove the old tiles or leave them in place. It depends if the tiles are securely fixed.

A cubicle is installed and all of the walls covered with mosaic effect cladding. The cubicle has a sliding door – this allows access without the door opening out into the room. It also enables the vanity unit to be installed closer to the shower.

The shower cubicle installation is greatly eased by using cladding rather than tiles. You do not have to worry about uneven surfaces or gaps where the tiles used to be. You can just go right over the lot once the tray is in place. Always fit the tray first – never the panels.

Amos bathroom before

Amos bathroom after installation

Addition Of Bathroom Storage

Traditionally bathrooms were made with a toilet and wash hand basin on a pedestal. While this type of basin is practical for washing it does not allow any storage. It also keeps all of the pipework visible.

A vanity unit will solve both these issues. It allows items to be stored away avoiding clutter in the bathroom. It also covers up all of the pipework associated with the basin. This gives a cleaner, neater design.

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Bathroom Flooring

Here, the customer opted to tile their floor. There are many different options when it comes to covering this demanding area in a bathroom. It has to be able to cope with splashes of water – especially outside a shower.

While tiles are an ideal covering on a masonry floor they can be problematic on wooden floors. The grout used between the tiles simply will not tolerate any movement and will crack. This then makes the floor lose its waterproof qualities. It could let water get through under the tiles which will affect the adhesive.

We have an article on flooring available here listing all of the various form of bathroom flooring.