Before And After – Preparing Bathroom Walls

It always interesting to see what our customers get up to in their bathrooms! In this case a complete makeover was undertaken with the customer going right back to basics.

Preparing bathroom walls for redecoration can be an onerous task. If you are tiling then you need to hack off the old tiles. You might well then need to re-skim the walls. Tiles need a very level, flat surface otherwise the unevenness will show through in the grout lines.

bathroom walls before installation

bathroom walls after panels are fitted

Before And After

These photos ably illustrate one of the great benefits of bathroom cladding. It requires no preparation.

The wall in the first photo is very rough where the old tiles have been hacked off. If you were to tile over this surface the imperfections would kick the tiles out of line. You would need to hack off all of the adhesive and possible re-plaster to achieve a smooth enough finish.

But with panels there is no such requirement. It will fly up over unprepared surfaces with no issues. In fact, there is no need to take the tiles off at all (unless they are loose and falling off). You can panel straight over the lot.

We have an article available that explains this process in more depth – click here to see it.

When fitting panels it must be stressed that you need to fit the bath or shower tray first. Never fit panels first and fix the bath to them.

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bathroom cladding full range

Finishing Touches

The bath was installed together with a neat little vanity unit. These are a great aid in the fight to keep clutter out of the way. Even a small vanity unit like this will swallow up a load of shampoos and soaps. The less clutter you have out the more open the bathroom will feel. This is important especially in a small bathroom.

A shaving mirror has been added as a finishing touch. There is a window behind the basin s a large wall mounted mirror is not an option. This is a great alternative in the circumstances and will work just as well in practice..