Bathroom Walls – Selecting The Best Product

So how do you go about selecting the best materials for your bathroom walls?

Well, the answer will depend on many factors but the two most important are:

  • how do you want your bathroom to look?
  • what are on the walls at the moment?

There are plenty of other factors that come into the mix, like budget and availability, but we’ll stick with these two for now.

If you have a clear vision of how you want your bathroom to look then you are probably thinking of a design that includes tiles for the wall. This is the first thing people think of as a covering for walls in bathroom.

But there are alternatives. And there are alternatives that look just like tiles.

Filo tle effect bathroom wall panels

tile effect bathroom cladding

Marmo mosaic wall panels

Panelling will give you the exactly the same effect as tiles but with a lot less long term problems.

So now you have more choice than you initially thought. But why should you switch to panels and what are the benefits to you? The second question we posed earlier now comes into play.

How Are My Bathroom Walls Currently Decorated?

This is a rather important question as it has a big bearing on the overall cost of the work that you will be carrying out.

If you have bathroom tiles on your walls then it is possible to tile over the existing ones. This saves a lot of time trouble and effort. If they are loose, cracked or display hollow spots then this is not always possible. They could well have already been tiled over so adding a third layer is not a wise choice.

In this situation you need to hack off the old tiles and quite possibly re-plaster the whole wall. This is expensive, messy and time consuming.

Our panels can be fitted straight over the top of your existing tiles and you do not have to be too concerned about what lies underneath. The following photos demonstrate this perfectly.

And once you fit our panels on your bathroom walls you eliminate maintenance for ever. Once it’s up, that’s it. No scraping, painting, sponging, bleaching. Nothing. Just wipe it over now and again.

Keeping To A Budget

‘Ah, but how much does this miracle product cost?’ you ask, “it must cost a fortune, surely?’

Well, actually, no it doesn’t. It is actually relatively cheap. At the time of writing the starting price of our panels is around £10 per sqaure metre which is comparable with tiles. However, where our panelling really scores is when it comes to preparation. If you were to tile your bathroom walls then you would be looking at a bill of several hundred pounds to skim and plaster them in order to provide the smooth surface that tiles require. This process is usually an irrelevance if you opt for our modern alternative – the panels can go up over just about any surface. The following photos sent in by one of our customers shows the bathroom before and after the panel installation and illustrates precisely just how rough the walls can be but still result in a perfect finish.


bathroom wall in a shower cubicle


The Bathroom Marquee has been in business a long time so we have a wealth of experience of dealing with different situations where our panels have solved installation headaches. We have customers who have fitted our panels over a huge range of walls made from all sorts of materials including:

  • plaster
  • plasterboard
  • brickwork
  • blockwork
  • cement
  • stone
  • ceramic tiles
  • painted plaster
  • wallpaper
  • timber cladding
  • plywood
  • metal (inside a boat)
  • fibreglass (inside a caravan)

It can even go up on walls where there is combination of these substrates – on the same wall!


Preparing Your Walls

The amount of preparation will depend on the product you choose. Luckily our panels require next to no preparation at all. The photos above demonstrate this perfectly.

Now, if you can, make the wall as flat as possible before you install our panels – not because it it is totally necessary but because it just makes the installation process even quicker and will result in a slightly more solid job. It really doesn’t have to be a work of art, just as flat and solid as you can manage.

The great thing about this product is as soon as you have fitted the first panel you realise how simple it is to work with and how stunning it looks, right from the start. And once it’s up, well that’s it. You’re done. Put your feet up and have a cup of tea or better still have a soak in your bath with a glass of wine and admire your handiwork!

These are just a few examples of what can be achieved with our products. They really are an ideal problem solving finish that will cope with just about any surface underneath – without anyone ever having to know.

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