Bathroom Cladding Sample Packs

panel samples


Samples Can be Cut In Half To See How They Join

Panels offer the great advantage of providing a flush, wipe-over surface – unlike tiles. For this to happen the panels have to slot together snugly to ensure a flush join. When you receive your samples you might not have two of the same design so you will not be able to join them together to see for yourself.

You can overcome this problem by cutting the sample in half, either vertically or horizontally. This will provide you with one tongue edge and one grooved edge so you can slot them together. This is also useful to see how the grout lines work for any tile effect panels that you have selected.

Try Not To Duplicate Your Choices

Panels, such as Modern Decor are available in a large tile format and a smaller mosaic effect. The colour and design is the same – it is just the tile size that varies. So ordering both does not benefit you as the large tile sample will just look like the mosaic sample but without grout lines.

You would be better choosing one of each from the two colour options available as they work well when using a mix and match pattern.

Similarly Vicenza Whiteline is the same panel as Vicenza White Chrome but without the chrome strip. It is is easy to visualise exactly what it would like with the chrome section and will free-up one of your choices.



Modern Deco mosaic bathroom wall panels


Order Some Ceiling Panels

Even if you had not initially thought about it we would recommend having one or two samples of ceiling panel in your pack.

Although this sounds like a sales pitch, you will not regret putting ceiling panels up in your bathroom. Traditional covering have a tendency to develop mould over time.

Ceiling panels can be fitted afterwards if you change your mind but it is easier to do it all at the same time (and cheaper as you will have less carriage charges).

Even if you just want a plain white ceiling, ceiling panels will out-perform a painted plaster ceiling easily – with no maintenance for you. And there are many attractive design that can make a feature of your ceiling if that is what you require.

ceiling panels

Online Information

Our panels are 100% recyclable and even re-usable. So to try and keep up the good work environmentally we keep the paperwork supplied with your samples to a minimum. We no longer provide printed brochures but do have some printed material included in your bathroom cladding sample pack.

We include website links and QR codes to make life easy for you to see all of the information online.


Give Us A Ring

Sometime, you just need to speak to a human.

Luckily we specialise in speaking human so give us a call and we will help. We appreciate that bathroom cladding is a new product to most people so some advice is needed.

We offer friendly, professional advice on everything we supply. There is no hard selling, just good old fashioned service.

If you are unsure which colours would work well in your design we can help. If you want to know the most suitable tones for a small bathroom design we can help. If you would just rather order your sample pack over the phone – again we can help.