Bathroom Cladding Ideas

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Bathroom cladding is continuing to grow in popularity as people love the maintenance-free characteristics and easy-clean surfaces that it provides. But what sort of designs are and what kind of results can be achieved? If you need some bathroom cladding ideas then let us guide you through the options.

Marble Effect Cladding

This is by far the biggest selling design in the market. Each manufacturer has a bewildering array of styles, colours and sizes. You will always be able to find something to suit your ideals.

Light coloured marbles are the predominant choice for UK bathrooms as, in general, the dimensions of the average room are very small. Keeping it light helps with creating a sense of space.

Darker colours, such as blacks or slates can also be used but consider using them in one specific area if the room is on the smaller side. A feature wall using a darker panel is perfect when used with lighter colours around the rest of the room.

See our article 5 Design Tips For Small Bathrooms for more information on utilising colour in your makeover.

bathroom cladding ideas - Bathroom Cladding Ideas

Tile Effect Cladding – A Great Design Idea

Many people just love the look of tiles. They are reluctant to move away from a design that has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Tile effect bathroom cladding is a perfect compromise: it has the look of tiles but has none of the drawbacks. There is no grout used – it is just part of the printed design. So no scrubbing or bleaching trying to keep it looking clean.

There are large tile designs available as well as smaller mosaic tile effects. One idea is to combine both which will result in an extremely attractive and eye-catching look.

The finish on our current range of tile effect cladding is matt giving an even more natural look. The 3D printing technology make the grout line look very realistic but is actually completely smooth – something you will appreciate when it comes to wiping them down.


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A Natural Look For Your Bathroom

Travertine is a beautiful naturally occurring stone that is immensely popular in modern design.  In its natural form it needs to properly sealed for use in bathrooms and this sealer needs to be re-applied over time. We have travertine effect panels available in a natural looking matt finish that look good from day one without the need for any maintenance.

Slate is another stone that looks amazing. Use it in a shower area to provide a striking contrast to the rest of the room. Or, if the room is large enough, it can be fitted around every wall.

As with all of our panels they are perfect for use in showers. They slot together with a tongue and grooved edge to provide you with a waterproof surface. If you would prefer a one-piece panel we have panels that are 1mt wide that will be ideal for all but the largest cubicle.

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Wood Effect Cladding

Although this style of cladding is a hugely popular choice for ceilings it looks amazing on walls as well.

Natural wood is not the best product for use in bathrooms as it does not cope well with the moist conditions. Painting it can help but this will usually need refreshing every few years if the paint starts to flake or peel. You then have to sand it down and start again.

We have a wood-effect cladding that needs no such maintenance. Not only does it need no painting it is totally waterproof so can even be used in showers.

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More Bathroom Cladding Ideas

We hope these bathroom cladding ideas have given you some inspiration. You can see that they come in a wide variety of finishes so there will be something suitable for all tastes. Have a look at our full product range to see all of the designs in one place or have a look at our Customer Gallery to see more bathroom cladding ideas in practice. And don’t forget you can use bathroom cladding on ceiling as well as walls.




If you have any questions or want advice on how to proceed with your makeover then please get in touch.We have years of experience in the bathroom industry so we know what we’re talking about!