Bathroom Ceiling Panel Examples

The steam and moisture that baths and showers generate makes life difficult for every surface in the bathroom. And the ceiling is no exception. Traditional materials have always struggled to cope and require a lot of maintenance over the years.

But there are products on the market that overcome all of the shortcomings and will provide you with a maintenance-free surface. It will look good for years without having to lift a finger. This article will show you bathroom ceiling panel examples that will look perfect in your own home and provide you with the same range of benefits.

Ceiling Panels To The Rescue

There are thousands of householders who have had problems with their ceiling and were looking for a permanent solution. It is here that ceiling panels come into their own.

They are totally waterproof and are installed directly over the affected ceiling. The following photos show a typical situation where the existing paint was peeling off above the shower area.


shower ceiling problem

The Problem: As can be seen in the photo above the customer had several problems. Not only was the ceiling starting to peel but the tiles had a grout problem resulting in mould growth.

The Solution: ceiling panels were installed above the showering area. These were simply cut to size and stuck into place. Similarly, the walls were covered in waterproof bathroom cladding. This instantly solved the grout issue and resulted in a shower area that would never need to be maintained again.

Not Just Practical – They Look Good Too

The advantages of ceiling panels are obvious but what do they look like? And how many different effects are there?

The following photographs show bathrooms that have been transformed by panelling the ceiling. The effect is instant and also permanent. Once they are up these panels will look good for years and years. With no maintenance.

Vicenza White Ash ceiling panels

gloss white ceiling panels

matt white ceiling panels

The above examples show a range of different finishes. Wood grain panels are available that massively out-perform their timber counterparts. They have a light, attractive surface that are equally happy for use as a wall cladding.

If you want to make a feature of your ceiling then one of our designs with a chrome strips really catch the eye. They offer more visual interest than plain white ceilings but remain totally waterproof. This is a major consideration for the area above a shower head.

ceiling cladding

Whiteline Ceiling Panels

A plain white ceiling always looks classy. You can achieve this effect easily and quickly using panels. You have a choice of a matt or gloss finish to choose from.  Matt white ceilings look indistinguishable from a painted plaster ceiling but without any decoration headaches.

The second photo shows a plank effect ceiling but this time there is no chrome strip. The panels have a gloss finish so are easily wiped over. They are used extensively in kitchens for this very reason.

Ligno Vanilla Ceiling Panel

white chrome ceiling panels

Labo Classic White Ceiling Panels

The first photo above shows another ceiling using a wood-grain finish. The panels have a v-groove joint which gives the impression of “planks”. The customer has used a coving trim at the joint between the ceiling and the wall. This is a great idea is you are less than confident with your installation ability. The coving trim will allow for any discrepancies in your cutting.

bathroom ceiling panel lighting

bathroom ceiling panel lighting

curved ceiling panels

The first photo above shows a bathroom where the customer wanted to include hidden perimeter lighting. This required the ceiling to be dropped to allow the lighting to be installed above. They used a gloss white panes for the install. The second photo shows the ceiling when the concealed lighting has been switched on. The lights have a separate control that can alter the colour as well as the intensity.

The third photo shows the curved vaulted ceiling in a gym. The customer needed to cover it as the condensation generated by the users was causing the pain to peel. By cutting the back of the panels it enabled them to follow the curve of the ceiling.

What About The Fact They Are Made Of Plastic?

Waste plastic is problematic because it  lasts so long. But, as a building material, plastic’s properties are a bonus. It means the longevity is vastly superior to traditional materials that use a lot of resources on maintenance (and eventual replacement).

Ceiling panels are not only 100% recyclable they are also re-usable. See this article for more information on installation methods that make re-using panels easier.