Applications – Where Can Panels Be Used?

Bathroom Wall Panels
Bathroom Ceiling Panels
Shower Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels

In our experience,  we know that most panels end up in bathrooms on the wall, but they are suitable for use around the home in a range of different applications. See the following sections to find out if bathroom wall panels could provide the ideal covering for walls and ceilings in your home.

You will sometimes see the term bathroom cladding used on our site – this is just another term used for panels. It is usually specifically associated with standard, narrow-width PVC panels but it can be used more generally to refer to any product that covers the walls of a bathroom.


Unlike ceramic bathroom tiles, bathroom panels are warm to the touch so condensation will not form on them, therefore mould growth is inhibited. Wall panels are therefore very well suited to areas of the house with high humidity such as the bathroom. But they are equally effective in a shower room, kitchen, wet room or utility room. There is no grout so cleaning is simplicity itself, just a quick wipe over with soapy water. Bathroom cladding can be installed over tiles providing they are fixed securely. Its honeycomb structure lends a degree of heat and noise insulation to any surface to which it is attached.

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Shower Wall Panels

The ideal covering for the walls inside shower cubicles – waterproof, easy to clean and easy to install. Wall panels will look good from the day they are installed and will continue to look good for years to come. They can be fitted inside an existing shower cubicle if you are looking to freshen up an existing installation. Click here for more information on using shower wall panels.

As well as shower cubicles, decorative wall cladding is ideal for use in a shower room or wetrooms. The waterproof panels do not have to be limited to the shower, the whole room can be transformed. And the more that you use, the greater the benefit: no grout to keep clean, rake out or maintain; nothing to paint or varnish; condensation problems reduced.

Bathroom Ceiling Panels

Anyone who has painted a ceiling will appreciate the maintenance-free qualities of PVC ceiling panels. Virtually all PVC panels can be used as ceiling cladding, but some work better than others.

Bathroom ceilings are particularly susceptible to damage from the moist environment found in here which can adversely affect traditional coverings. This is where ceiling panels really come into their own.

And if you would like permanently hang up your paintbrush you can fit these panels to any ceiling in the house. There are many matt finish panels and woodgrains that lend themselves to use in living areas so you can feel the benefits throughout your home.

Kitchen Walls and Ceilings

Waterproof wall panelling can be used very effectively on kitchen walls and ceilings and will provide an extremely attractive easy to clean, grout free surface.

We have many designs that tie-in perfectly with modern kitchen designs. Our white sparkle and black sparkle effect panels are ideal in a monochrome setting. Plain white also work well as in the majority of kitchens the actual exposed wall area is quite minimal so a plain pattern is not as stark as it would be on the large open walls of a bathroom.

For wooden kitchen designs we have many beige and natural coloured panels that will blend in perfectly. Avoid wood effect panels in this situation as trying to get wood designs to match each other is next to impossible.

Our kitchen cladding has a European M1 fire rating and will resist heat up to 60°C – the only thing to remember is that it is a PVC cladding system and as with most plastic it is liable to melt or warp if exposed to direct heat such as kitchen hobs or central heating boilers. In these situations it is better to use ceramic tiles or a stainless steel splashback in these hot areas and use panelling in the rest of the room.

Kitchen ceilings can also benefit from having our panels installed. They are easy to clean which is a great plus point in most kitchens as all surfaces tend to end up needing attention from all of the steam, condensation and grease that is present from the cooking process.

Utility rooms suffer similar conditions to kitchens and are also an ideal location to fit our panels and do yourself a favour at the same time as will have no condensation headaches once these are up.

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Bath Panels

It is possible to make a bath panel from most panelling products.

If you are panelling your bathroom you will probably have enough off-cuts left over to make a bath panel. This will give your bath a “built-in” look and will also provide a very sturdy panel – much more rigid than the conventional acrylic bath panel that is supplied with many bathroom suites.

Sometimes a frame needs to be made to which the panels are attached, but this is not always necessary (depending on the type of bath). You can also make a corner bath panel, although this is a little more complicated as you will need a curved frame.


All of the waterproof wall panels that appear on our site have been selected for one reason alone – quality. See ourTechnical page for more details.