Ambiance White Wood Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Ambiance White Wood Effect Bathroom Wall Panels Are Currently Unavailable


Ambiance White Wood wall and ceiling panels are available in 2.6mt lengths 375mm wide and have a contrast strip running down the length of the joint. This light and bright bathroom panel from Grofillex is ideal for use as a ceiling panel but is just at home being used on walls – including bathroom walls and inside shower cubicles (providing the panels are run top to bottom with no end joints ). The wood pattern is very restrained giving an attractive finish, while the contrast strip helps to break up the solid colour and provide visual interest.

Panels Installed In A Brick-work Pattern

It is only possible to install panels in a brick work pattern if they are designed to be joined end-on-end.

Ambiance panels have a slot in the end of each panel that accepts a joining trims. These just slot into place as you are fitting them. The one downside of this type of joint is that it is not waterproof. As the photo above shows it is fine for areas that do not encounter water. In wet area like shower enclosures you need to run the bathroom wall panels vertically and choose a length that goes floor to ceiling without the need for a join.