Ambiance Pink Marble Bathroom Cladding

Ambiance Pink Marble Bathroom Cladding Is Currently Unavailable


Manufacturers have regularly included a pink coloured cladding in their range but for whatever reason customers do not buy it in any quantity. This is a real shame as it actually looks really good once installed and offers a warm effect without having to revert to the more obvious, an ubiquitous,  beige.

This design in particular is incredibly subtle – you would need to look very close indeed to actually see that it is pink. The colour is in the marble vein effect and this itself with the background being quite neutral – almost white.

Do not be put of by the colour name – these bathroom wall panels are very subtle in colour and provide a very easy to install, waterproof surface that will provide years of maintenance free service. They can be joined end-on-end but we do not recommend this effect in wet areas such over a bath or inside shower cubicles.