Ambiance Natural Wood Wall Panels

Ambiance Natural Wood Wall Panels Are Currently Unavailable


Ambiance Natural Wood Wall Panels have a distinct colour that provides immediate impact. They certainly make a bold statement when incorporated in your design. It is sometimes better to keep stronger colours such as this to one wall and use a lighter, more neutral shade around the rest of the room. This “feature wall” approach is certainly the way to go if the room is quite small as darker colours can overpower everything and make the space feel more enclosed.

The brick work pattern shown in the photo above is certainly an attractive one. But it is not that practical for use in bathrooms as the end on end joints are not waterproof. This would make the design unsuitable for use in wet areas above a bath or inside a shower cubicle.

The panels are available in 2.6mt lengths 375mm wide and had a contrast strip running down the length of the joint.

Using Wall Panels Outside The Bathroom

Britain has been a bit slow in the uptake of modern panelling products. They have been used on the continent for over 25 years but it is only recently that they have started to get used with any regularity in UK homes. And when wall panels  are used it is primarily in bathrooms, whereas in Europe it is seen more as a “whole house” product. Living area (as shown above) bedrooms, hallways are regularly kitted out in wall panels. And, as we keep saying, the more of this stuff that you fit the less maintenance you will have on your hands.