Ambiance Gloss White Bathroom Cladding

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Ambiance Gloss White Bathroom Cladding has a contrast strip running down the length of the joint. On this particular panel the strip is a light grey in colour which helps to break up the solid colour and provide visual interest. They can be used as bathroom wall panels as they are totally waterproof and can even be used inside showers providing it is installed vertically from floor to ceiling (more info). They can be used on ceilings and is one of the few panels in our range that can be joined end-one end which enables very large rooms to be spanned.

Join The Cladding End On End

Virtually all bathroom cladding is designed to be joined side to side with a tongue and groove system that run down the length of each panel on both edges. One is a tongue and one is a groove. This enables the cladding to be slotted together. The Ambiance range is unique in that it can be joined end on end as well. Not only does this enable much longer spans to be breached it can also allow different patterns to be formed. The photo above shows the cladding installed in a brick-work patter. This is OK in dry areas of the bathroom but we would not recommend this style inside cubicles or above a bath.