Ambiance Birch Wood Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

These Panels Are Currently Unavailable


Ambiance Birch wood effect bathroom wall panels are available in 2.6mt lengths 375mm wide and have a contrast strip running down the length of the joint. This panel from Grofillex is ideal for use as a ceiling panel as they can be joined end-on-end to enable large ceilings to be spanned. It is equally happy being used as bathroom wall panel , as shown in the image above. It possible to use this panel to cover all of the wall in a bathroom as it is totally waterproof so can even be used inside shower cubicles. This is something that is totally impossible with a natural wood product but being made from PVC does provide a host of advantages.

The wood pattern is very restrained giving a light, attractive finish, while the contrast strip helps to break up the solid colour and provide visual interest – ideal if you are covering a larger wall.

Should I Cover The Walls and Ceiling With This Panel?

You can if you want but it is not something we would recommend. Covering both surfaces in the same colour makes the room look boxy. It is much better to break up the colour and the usual route would be wood effect walls and a plain white ceiling. But reversing this strategy can provide a really interesting look as well. Using the wood effect on the ceiling while the walls are kept plain white. This option will definitely make more of a feature of the ceiling as the eye is not drawn to plain white.