Allure White Wood Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

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Alternative Products:

Belmont White Ash

This white wood effect wall panel from Grofillex is ideal for use as a ceiling panel but it equally happy being used on walls, as shown in the images above and below – including bathroom walls and inside shower cubicles. Allure White Wood wall and ceiling panels are available in 2.6mt lengths 375mm wide with a v-groove joint

The wide V-groove joint contains a contrast strip to emphasise the tongue and groove effect making them ideal for use on larger walls if you wish to break up the solid colour.

Wood really suffers under damp and humid conditions. Lacquer or varnish is needed to protect it. The coating is then itself affected bu the rising and falling moisture levels and the rising and falling temperatures that are common in a bathroom. Cracks can be caused and the protective layer starts to fail.

By using a  wood effect bathroom wall panel you eliminate all of the problems in one fell swoop and set yourself on course for a maintenance -free bathroom.