Allure Gloss White Wall Panels

Unfortunately, Allure Gloss White Wall Panels Are Currently Unavailable


Allure Gloss White wall panels offer a clean, bright look coupled with a practical glossy, wipe-over surface. Available in 2.6mt lengths 375mm wide with a v-groove joint, these panels from Grofillex are ideal for use as either a ceiling panel or wall panel, as shown in the image above. Being totally waterproof they can be used over the bath or even inside shower cubicles. We usually recommend a different panel for use inside showers simply because flush fit panels are easier to keep clean. The V-Groove design of gloss white wall panels can collect soap residue and start to look grubby. And the whole point of panelling is to make life easier. The majority of our wall panels are of a flush fit design so  therefore is plenty of choice.

Where Can Gloss White Wall Panels Be Used?

The photo above gives the appearance of them being used outside. This is not a viable use as they are only to be used indoors. Exterior panels have a different formulation and are designed to be UV tolerant. Inside the home, however, the panels can be used anywhere including conservatories. Ceilings and walls will all benefit from their easy-to-live -with properties. They cannot be used on floors although we do have a range of special panels for this purpose. The room that benefits most is the bathroom. Secondly, the kitchen is an ideal environment. Thirdly utility rooms where there are high levels of humidity are a perfect fit. We have also had customers use them in swimming pools, boats, caravans and hot tub rooms.