Allure Birch Wall Panels

Allure Birch wall panels offer an attractive wood effect finish that is perfect for any room.

These Panels Are Currently Unavailable

Wood provides an attractive looking surface but it has drawbacks. It expands and contract which makes any coatings liable to crack. Allure Birch Wall Panels provides the look of wood but none of the drawbacks. The wood effect looks at home in both contemporary and traditional settings. These wall panels are available in 2.6mt lengths 375mm wide with a v-groove joint. This panel from Grofillex is ideal for use as a ceiling panel but it is equally happy being used on walls, as shown in the photo above – including bathroom walls and inside shower cubicles.

Does It Look Like Wood?

Yes. But it is not an exact match. Birch itself comes in a wide variety of shades and patterns. These panels need to be a uniform design otherwise it can cause problems matching in.  So it will never look exactly like wood and is better for it.

The wood pattern is very restrained giving an attractive finish, while the wide V-groove joint contains a contrast strip to break up the solid colour and emphasises the tongue and groove effect. The overall colour is very light which is perfect for use in smaller rooms. In larger rooms, this is not an issue. Light colours, such as this, also work well on ceilings.