Acrylic Bathroom Wall Panels

The grout used with bathroom tiles can require a lot of cleaning and maintenance over its lifetime so consequently people are looking for alternatives. Acrylic bathroom wall panels are made from a thin sheet with a tile effect routed into the surface, so you get the effect of a tile without any grout. These panels are light, flexible and easy to cut but they are not tongue and grooved so a joining strip needs to be used for larger areas. It is vital the correct adhesive is used for these panels as being a thin, single skin product, incorrect adhesive could damage the panel and be visible on the front surface.

Can Be Used Around The Whole Bathroom

The photo above shows the panels used right around the whole bathroom. To achieve this the customer butt-joined the acrylic bathroom wall panels and sealed in between with silicone. This gave a very neat finish because he did not require any joining trims. We did discuss the option of using a trim because this is what the manufacturers recommend. But in the end we decided these was no disadvantage to this method.

The panels are stuck in place with our special adhesive although you can use silicone if you prefer. Avoid using solvent based glue because it can attack the material. This can result in the damage caused showing through at the surface.

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