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Whatever material you use on bathroom ceilings you can be sure that it will be subjected to a lot of demands over its lifetime.

Bathrooms are humid and warm – the ideal environment for mould to take root. The moisture levels can cause havoc with some traditional materials which in turn leads to constant maintenance. Our range of bathroom ceiling panels are completely maintenance-free – they look good and remain looking good for years and years.

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We have a variety of different designs available and the panels are available in several different length to enable them to be used in virtually any room. They can be installed above shower cubicles and will not be affected by any deflected spray (in fact they can be fitted to the walls of a shower cubicle as they are totally waterproof).

Many bathrooms still use old fashioned methods for covering the ceiling. The standard finishes, such as plaster, texturing compound, wallpaper or timber tongue and groove panels are all usually over-coated with paint (or sometimes varnish in the case of tongue and groove).

All of these products will work to a certain extent but they all have their drawbacks as well. We have listed them out so can be clear in making your choice and are armed with all the facts before you commit.

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Bathrooms Ceilings – Traditional Materials And Associated Problems

Painted Plaster – the most common ceiling covering and one of the most problematic. The main reason for this is that a lot of people use the wrong kind of paint. But even if specialist paints are utilised movement can cause cracks in the paint which in turn leads to moisture getting in. The typical problems you will see are flaking or bubbling paint. Or worse – mould growth.

Texturing Compound – has all the same issues as above but is harder to pain due to the patterns in the material.

Wallpaper – this is one of the worst options as it is badly affected by moisture and can start to peel away under the humid conditions.

Timber Cladding – a very popular choice in the 60’s and 70’s this material fell out of favour as it was hard work to keep in in pristine condition. Wood expands and contracts a lot so any paint or varnish needs to be very advanced to be able to cope with this. Most don’t, and consequently it can start to flake off. It is also susceptible to mould  under the right conditions.

The best solution is to move away from these materials and opt for a modern panelling system that will not lead to any problems in the long run. Our ceiling panels are the perfect solution as they do not suffer from any of the above problems.


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